Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mother's Day @ TWG The Gardens

It was actually an advanced birthday celebration for my dear husband who really really loves anything that has to do with tea.

After we were seated, we realised that the place got mother's day hi-tea special for rm100. We opted for that and after what seems like hours, I settled for Chocolate Mint Truffle from Africa and my husband chose Margareth Hope Darjeeling.

The spread were all soooo delicious and fulfilling. I know we were suppose to chat and laugh over tea, but we just don't want to spoil the tea-moment. So we were both so quiet, close our eyes while sipping tea. My baby? Oh all the friendly staffs took care of him! *That right there is like super vvip service so worth coming here man!Lol*

Everything from the Madeleine, macs and savories were great! Fyi, this is my first time tasting Madeleine (I know right T_T). The poppy seed Madeleine was so fluffy and goes really well with tea. It reminds me of our traditional bahulu and I even got myself to cicah all the doorgift bahulu when we got home. But to my disappointment, the taste and texture was not even close! Hahaha lesson learnt: there is always a price you have to pay for good stuff. The baine de rose macs were good too! 

And what really made our day is we get to learn about tea *school trip mode-feeling like making a school trip report and trying to bodek the marker* But seriously guys the attendants have vast knowledge of tea. From the soil the tea used, the temprature it was harvested up to the part where how it is prepared. And all the ingredients in all 500++ tea they have. Which one gives out chocolate flowery fruity flavor or aroma or strong mild and all those tea jargons. We both were in awe and continued to spend few more hours at the shop besides the parlour just listening about tea. We got to smell the varieties of tea and ended up buying white earl grey and red christmast to be enjoyed at the comfort of our home *apparently sipping the tea at the parlour feels much more comforting I wonder why*.

This place is definitely worth a repeat!

My personal tip for you is before seating at the parlour go smell the tea at the shop first and you will not be having a hard time ordering the tea (like us).

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