Monday, 10 August 2015

Tribute to Spotty

Letter #3

A wheedling meow approached Papa on the night of 26th July and Papa couldn't bear the thought of leaving poor little kitty alone. What with all the stray dogs and tomcats. So, Papa decided to welcome little kitty in.

I thought I tell you baby this story because it is such a brief moment in our lives but impacted us a whole lot (and I also don't know what else to write).

The kitten, a she, meow loudly as she entered the house. Papa and me are really hoping that that is the sound of excitement of exploring the house. We called her, Spotty.

In Mama's life, I've been keeping a lot of cats but this is the first time for Papa. Honestly, Mama's first thought was okay, here we go, another one to take care of. But I kept the thought to myself. But apparently Mama was totally wrong!

Papa was so loving. He let Spotty playfully scratch him head to toe even if it really bothers his sleep.

The next day, we put Spotty on boarding because we are going on a 3 days trip to JB. Spotty looks so stressful after we picked her up and unfortunately she had diarrhea. We were worried and brought her to the vet the very next morning.

Spotty was diagnosed with FPV and the vet doesn't let me handle Spotty as her stool can affect my pregnancy and worst you. The vet asked me to keep a distant with Spotty as it can risk my pregnancy.

Papa handled everything greatly. Never miss to feed and give medicine to Spotty and always remind me not to handle any of Spotty's waste.

I can already see Papa will be a great dad for you (not that I ever question that before) and this makes me really happy and looking forward for your birthing.

Spotty looks thinner yet healthier day by day. However on the evening of 8th of August, Spotty was breathing bizarrely. We blanketed her and she started to meow but very very weakly. I know Papa wanted to stay and take care of Spotty but we really need to settle something urgently that night.

When we got back home, Papa rush to see Spotty and Spotty looks so dry. He thought Spotty was thirsty so he gave Spotty 3 water shots of  syringe. After the 3rd shot, Spotty just stopped breathing.

Then we knew that Spotty is no longer here. I can see from the look of Papa's face he is really sad. But I assured him that we had done everything that we could to make Spotty stay. We buried Spotty at the playground that night with the help of Pak Cik Shukri and Pak Ya who are both coincidentally cat lovers.

From the way Papa took care of Spotty, I just can't wait for you to meet your Papa. You will love him! He puts you first in everything we do even now that you were not born yet. He will love you more than anything and you will instantly love him as well.

Keep kicking baby, Mama & Papa love you :)


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